Programme Overview

The Centre for Public Policy (CPP) in collaboration with New Delhi-based Centre for Social Research (CSR) launched India’s first certificate course in political leadership for women—the India-Women in Leadership (i-WIL) Programme. The i-WIL Programme is an endeavour to strengthen the capabilities and leadership skills of aspiring women politicians to contest elections and participate in governance.

Women hold a mere 10% of seats in India's Parliament—of 34 Cabinet Ministers, only two are women and out of 44 Ministers of State, only six are women. The India-Women in Leadership Programme aims to correct this imbalance by equipping participants with appropriate training.

India needs leaders who balance passion for public service, compassion for the disadvantaged, professionalism in governance, and courage built on values and vision. This programme will provide women leaders with the foundation and skill sets to break new ground and become agents of change, while overcoming gender-related barriers to political entry. The course is practical and multidimensional and will equip women to play multiple roles—of legislators, policy implementers, problem solvers, party activists as well as CEOs of their constituencies.

i-WIL programme is a platform to address the issue of enhancing the participation of women in politics as well as improve the quality of their participation in the Indian democracy. With an emphasis on interaction and debate, participants will not only study but also practice the strategies vital for excelling in politics. The i-WIL faculty includes academicians, gender experts, leading politicians as well as practitioners working in the government, political and social sectors.


To build the knowledge, skills and strategies to strengthen aspiring women politicians and increase their influence on governance at state and national levels


This programme is aimed at women keen on enhancing their political and leadership capacities. It is ideal for women involved in politics/advocacy groups, social activists, women working in the corporate sector, or women with a keen interest in politics. It will equip them with the tools to be successful leaders.

With an emphasis on interaction and debate, participants will not only learn but also practice the strategies vital for excelling in politics. The main objectives of the programme are:

  • To equip the participants with advanced skills and strategies to enable them for political participation
  • To develop a deeper understanding of nuances and challenges of Indian democracy
  • To provide exposure to Indian political processes, actors, challenges, and realities.
  • To enable networking with women in politics at various levels
  • To enable participants to create personalised plans for continued leadership development.
  • To enhance participants’ understanding of the implications of gender policies in India

By the end of each i-WIL course, participants are expected to have honed their knowledge and skills particularly in political theory and practice at the local, state and national levels in India; leadership strategy and communication techniques; values of diversity, social justice, integrity, ethical analysis and accountability; and organizational management, especially in understanding the needs, challenges and opportunities of dynamic organizations.

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