Programme Structure

The programme from 16 July to 25 September 2012 was spread across three months which included lectures, field visits, and two weeks of exposure visits in Delhi and Singapore.

Although based at the Centre for Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore(IIMB), participants went for study trips to Singapore and New Delhi. In addition, participants returned to their home constituencies for a two-week field assignment period during which they were expected to complete a series research tasks, practical activities and meetings.

16 Jul–2 Aug Bangalore
2 Aug–5 Aug Mysore
6 Aug–15 Aug New Delhi
16 Aug–2 Sep Field assignment in participant’s home constituency
3 Sep–5 Sep Bangalore
5 Sep–12 Sep Singapore
13 Sep–25 Sep Bangalore
Political leaders in India perform a variety of roles. They are expected to be:
  • CEOs—of their constituencies and are held accountable for development
  • Experts—on all types of issues
  • Party Activists—strengthening their political parties
  • Problem solvers—for citizens’ official and unofficial problems
  • Legislators—to make laws
  • Policy Implementers—when they are part of cabinets
Political leaders thus need to develop their capabilities on multiple dimensions. The i-WIL training focusses on Policy Analysis, Political Action, Personal Development and Perspective and Ideology---the four Ps of the Programme correspond to the four modules i.e. Policy Expertise, Political Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Perspective: Gender, Values and Ideology.

The modules combine intensive classroom lectures with practical field activities to ensure participants have the required knowledge and skills for a successful political career. Through a judicious mix of case studies, model parliament, exposure visits, field assignments in constituencies, and media interactions, the course provides the participants with hands on learning.

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