A. Vijaya Sarada Reddy

A. Vijaya Sarada Reddy is on the verge of obtaining an M. Phil in Psychology from Venkateswara University. She is the secretary of Holy Mary and Nalanda Group of Institutions in Hyderabad. Her vision includes development through education, better healthcare facilities, empowerment of women, poverty alleviation, and provision of basic infrastructure, apart from skill development programmes to increase the capabilities of citizens of the constituency. She hopes that the i-WIL programme will help her gain experience through interaction with current woman political leaders and fellow participants, who will undoubtedly hail from a wide cross-section of society.

Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha has a Masters in English from Patna University. She has worked in the education sector in Tripoli, Libya and in India. Currently, she is based in Srinagar (J&K) working for the Art of Living, an international NGO. Through her courses for students, housewives, bureaucrats, jail inmates and the economically weak, she has helped in enabling individuals to realize their full potential as human beings so that they contribute positively towards building a violence free, stress free, healthy and happy society. She envisages a constituency with higher quality of education, better health care for mother and child, as well as more encouraging structures for job seekers. According to Ms. Sinha, the i-WIL programme will impart her political theory and practice at local, state and national levels in India and also help her learn requisite skills to enter active politics.

Dr Anuradha Agarwal

Dr. Anuradha Agarwal received her Ph.D. in Gandhian Studies from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, in 1993. She is currently a lecturer of Political Science at Government College, Uniyara (Tonk), Rajasthan. Apart from her lecturing roles, she is also the Chief Election Officer and a Student Counsellor at the college. She wishes to change the system and to contribute to the sustainable development of the nation. The ability to make an impact at large is what has motivated her to enter the field of decision-making and policy formulation. According to Dr. Agarwal, the i-WIL programme will help her in complementing her theoretical political knowledge with practical aspects and enable her to begin serious work in the field.

Dr. Aditi Kamat

Dr. Aditi kamat has studied MBBS at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute . She is currently practicing in bangalore and is the co Founder & President of the NGO ‘HARI OM’ in Belgaum. Her NGO works for a lot of causes ,they started with tuition school for the physically disabled which helped several students with Cerebral Palsy write an examination with their own hands for the first time. Hari Om now has adopted two government schools under GoI School Adoption programme. She has also started a mobile library for the benefit of these students. Her NGO has initiated several animal welfare projects as well as projects for the empowerment of Indian Women. Her vision for the constituency focuses on improvement in education as well as programmes for the improvement of health facilities. She expects a better understanding of public policy and political scenarios in India through the i-WIL programme, which she can implement in her NGO’s work.

Dr. Lubna Sarwath

Dr. Lubna Sarwath received a Ph.D in Islamic Economics & Finance from Trisakti Universtiy of Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2011. She also holds an MBA from IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University, in Delhi. Before pursuing her Ph.D she worked for the Punjab National Bank and for the State Bank of India during which she obtained CAIIB from Indian Institute of Bankers. In her opinion, local leaders should conduct regular surveys of respective constituencies to identify problems faced by citizens at the grass-root level. According to her, a Consultative Participatory Institution should be set up at all levels of policy making in order to ensure that all bodies of knowledge including indigenous knowledge are applied on a task to generate unified knowledge. This could also be a sustainable methodology ensuring the involvement and participation of citizens for inclusive development and wellbeing. She wants her constituency to become a role model, in terms of political, social, economic, cultural, moral and environmental aspects characterized by innovation and integrated development. This is about good governance which includes participatory democracy, transparency, accountability, judicious responsibility, equitability and justice. She believes that only internal democracy within political parties and a systemic change that enables party membership, party ticket issuing, and candidate election on basis of laid down evaluation criteria and performance appraisals in terms of social service and public conduct can ensure delivery of good governance. In her opinion, the i-WIL programme will help her in developing political acumen, strategic thinking, leadership skills and give her impetus to realize her vision for a better India.

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Dr. Shweta Sharma

Dr. Shweta Sharma holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from PT R.S. Shukla University, Raipur. She was elected as the Sarpanch in 2005 and a member of the Chhatisgarh District Panchayat in 2010 and has also been a member of the State Working Committee of the Bharatiya Janata Party since then. Her main goals include the education and self-employment of women so that they can gain financial independence and enjoy a more respectable status in society. Development of the youth is another area of special interest of Dr. Sharma. The i-WIL programme by providing opportunities to engage with political and academic stalwarts as well as fellow learners from diverse backgrounds will enhance confidence levels and capabilities of the participants, as well as provide them with adequate knowledge and strategies to tackle the Indian political scenario.

Falguni Rajput

Falguni Rajput is the Founder Director for K.F. Expressview Logistics an international couriers /cargo company and also for T3 Urbandevelopers Ltd., an infrastructure company . She has served as Ward President, Chulna Gaon (Vasai Taluk), General Secretary for the Natonalist Congress Party (March 2010), Treasurer for the NCP, as well as the Joint Treasurer for the Vasai Taluk Co-Operative Housing Federation (August 2011). For her, constituency development includes improvement of the road and rail networks, public transport, supply of electricity and water, focused development programmes towards the various sections of society, and dissemination of information about government schemes so that the target groups can actively participate in them. She feels that the i-WIL programme will educate her and give her a holistic perspective about Indian Political Science. Apart from this, she is of the view that the opportunity to interact with political experts and the other participants coupled with exposure to actual political proceedings in Delhi and Singapore will greatly help her in her future political endeavours.

Hemashree Siddappaji

Hemashree holds a PGD in nutrition from the Karnataka State Open University. She has successfully contested for membership at the municipal level. For her, the ideal constituency is one that is safe, democratic and inclusive; and which provides equal opportunities to all with a healthy living environment for all its citizens. For her, i-WIL represents an opportunity for capacity building, boosting self-confidence, augmenting her knowledge and gaining exposure to different issues.

K Latha Narasimha Murthy

Latha Narasimha Murthy holds M.A. in Public Administration and diploma in interior designing. She is a Corporator in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). In developing her wards, her immediate priority is to ensure waste segregation at source with minimal usage of plastic, better sanitation and access to clean and potable water on a regular basis; apart from improving the schools of the ward and creating more job-based and vocational courses. The i-WIL programme will help her become a better leader as well as network with other aspiring politicians

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Nagashree G

Nagashree G received her LL.B Degree from the University of Mysore. She has been an advocate since 2003 and successfully contested elections to the Zilla Panchayat in Chamarajanagar District. In her opinion, her constituency could be best developed through the pooling of various assistance schemes, the development of the villages, enhancement of small-scale and cottage industries and development of places of tourist interest. She feels that the training she receives in thei-WIL programme will help her in the attainment of the goal of participating in active politics.

Neelam Chandrashekhar Umathe

Neelam Umathe is working as a deputy district chief of Shiv-Sena , Nagpur Dist., Maharashtra. She is a science teacher and has worked in HCL Infosytems Pvt. Ltd. She is the youngest party post holder in women’s wing of shivsena Nagpur Zilha. She is well experienced in grass root level politics, organized various cultural activities for womens and children and has been working in Shiv-Sena since the past 8 years. She aims for good political future in order to enable and empower women and to change the notion that 'politics is a bad game'. According to her, politics is a carving tool for a better society & rising India.


Priyanka holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from U.P. Technical University. She is a Senior Test Engineer at Headstrong India, Bangalore. For her constituency, her vision is to resolve issues like the lack of administration (and corresponding lawlessness), lack of sustainable development, lack of education and the death of small-scale industries. She feels the i-WIL programme will help her achieve her goals by providing her an exposure to current political scenarios, enabling her a more informed and knowledgeable candidate. The programme will also enable networking with the top political leaders of the country and other women who are interested in politics.

Pushpavalli R

Pushpavalli R is the Ex-Deputy Mayor of Mysore, and holds a Bachelors of Commerce. Apart from the post of Deputy Mayor, she has also served as the Organising Secretary of the Mahila Congress in Mysore City. According to her, the i-WIL programme will help in a better understanding of issues such as gender budgets, auditing, media interaction, parliamentary functioning, constituency profiling and planning as well as issues faced by women.

Rachna H Reddy

Rachna Reddy graduated from RVCE under Visveswaraya Technological University this year 2012. She has contested elections at the school and collegiate level. As a future leader, her focus will be on combatting corruption and promoting education, which can tackle problems like unemployment as well as increase standards of living. Curbing gender biases and providing basic health facilities would also be on her agenda. Ms. Reddy feels that the i-WIL programme will train a new generation of Indian women leaders, and will help in the understanding of government institutions, public policy as well as provide opportunities for great personal growth.

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S R Shanthala

S R Shanthala holds an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Mysore. She was a member of the Mandal Panchayat and has served as a member of the Zilla Panchayat of Tumkur, thrice. She has also been elected as the President of this Zilla Panchayat. Her vision for her constituency is large-scale improvement in its infrastructural facilities, apart from health and education. She feels that the i-WIL programme will strengthen the capabilities and effectiveness of women leaders as they enter and progress in India’s Democracy and help them build careers in politics and other leadership roles.

Sangeeta Goel

Sangeeta Goel holds a B.Ed. Degree from Annamalai University. She also has a Diploma in Library Science from the Women’s Polytechnic, Maharani Bagh, Delhi. Her vision for her constituency includes a four point agenda—social empowerment, reduction in crime against women, improving social mannerisms, better quality education at primary level and environmental protection. She admires women politicians with strong verbal skills as well as courage. She expects that the i-WIL programme will help her to broaden her horizons, make her a better leader, and also allow her to understand micro and macro issues better. She is also an Art of Living volunteer.

Saroja M P

Saroja M P holds a Bachelors of Commerce and belongs to the BJP party. She is the ex-President of the Pattana Panchayat, Mudigere (Chikmagalur District) and is presently a Councillor of this Panchayat. She has also been a member of the Taluk Executive Committee for 8 years. She is keen to learn more about administration and enhance her knowledge about the current political scenarios. Her aim is to serve society through helping illiterate, poor and downtrodden people, especially women. To this end, she hopes the i-WIL programme will educate her on the different dimensions of administration, and also help her understand other viewpoints through an exchange with other participants.

Sashmita Behera

Sashmita Behera is a chemical Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and also has an MBA from Utkal University, Odissa. She is the Ex-Chairperson, Panchayat Samiti, Talcher & Ex- Zilla Parishad President, Angul District,Odisha. She is the member of Indian National Congress & currently holding the position of District President, Sevadal, Angul. She is also the Convenor of a state level women forum - Rajya Mahila Manch and has a strong network of former & present women PRI Members working towards the empowerment of women in Odisha.

Shalini Tomar

Shalini Tomar received her Ph.D in Psychology from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya University, Faizabad, in 2007. She has also contested for MLA elections. Her priority is to ensure a sufficient water supply and the involvement of people. In developing her wards, her focus is on preventing criminal activities, especially political crimes, and improving social conditions for women. Ms. Tomar feels that the i-WIL programme will enhance the role of women by giving them self-confidence to overcome various obstacles, giving them possibilities to integrate new ideas, and enabling future leaders to critically question current policies.

Shehla R. Shora

Shehla R. Shora graduated from National Institute of Technology, Srinagar in 2011 in Computer Science & Engineering discipline. She has worked as software engineer while, at the same time, pursuing her diverse interests like PR, journalism, fashion, etc. Activism comes naturally to her as she believes in standing up for the voiceless. The key values that drive her as an activist are justice, secularism and equality. She aspires to bring pro-people politics back to the table in order to restore the faith of people in democracy. She blogs at shehlarashid.com/blog and tweets as @shehlarashid.The i-WIL programme has given her both a macro- and micro-perspective of Indian politics and made her aware of the challenges and opportunities awaiting future policymakers.

Shweta Narendra Brahmbhatt

Shweta Narendra holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Gujarat University, and an M.Sc. in International Finance from the University of Westminster, London. She started her career working for HSBC Bank as a Financial Planning Manager, and since then has worked in different positions in the Indian and American Financial market. Currently she is working as an Associate at Darashaw & Co. in Ahmedabad. She sees lack of education and motivation as the major hurdles for women politicians in male-dominated parties. She believes that honesty, integrity and humility are key characteristics of a good politician. The current political system is extremely challenging for good and service minded people, but unless these people take up the challenge and get into Indian politics, things won't change. We need more of a human revolution first, before we go on changing the system, because if people are corrupt they will corrupt any system, however sound it may be. She hopes to gain theoretical and practical exposure to enter the Indian political system through the i-WIL programme.

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Sudha Gudda

G Sudha is a graduate of commerce from the University of Gulbarga. She has served as a member of the TalukPanchayat at Chincholi, Gulbarga District. In her opinion, leadership of women in every field is highly important in today’s world. The i-WIL programme thus serves a valuable purpose in her opinion.

Suma Anil Kumar

Suma Anil Kumar holds an LL.B Degree from Bangalore University. She has served as an advocate at Kusuma Advocates. In her political capacity, she has served as the President of the Ladies Wing, Hampinagar Ward, Bangalore. Her vision for her ward is greater voluntary political participation by the masses, an interest in the nation’s active politics;especially the youth. The i-WIL programme can assist her in attaining her goals of acquiring political knowledge, a better understanding of the present political scenarios, acquiring leadership qualities, and improvement of her skills.

Suvarna Kambar

Suvarna Kambar holds an LL.B Degree. She has served at the Zilla and Taluk Panchayat level at Kushtagi in Koppal District. As Taluk Panchayat member, she focusses on the overall development of her area with a special emphasis on helping the citizens below the poverty line as well as the implementation of central and state schemes. According to Mrs. Kambar, the i-WIL programme will facilitate the rise of power of women and build their self-confidence, allowing them to work and lead without hesitation.

Vandana Sinha

Vandana Sinha holds a postgraduate degree in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. She has served on the Zilla Parishad in Phulwariya District, Bihar. She is currently a Co-ordinator at the Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning, Pune. She would like to see her constituency develop by providing and making basic facilities and infrastructure such as primary healthcare, education, food, electricity and wateraccessible. She would also like to see a greater degree of awareness among the populace on the various schemes being run by the government that can benefit them. The i-WIL programme will help her in her goals by improving her networking skills, poll management, communication skills and organising capabilities.

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Vasantha Kavitha Shrikar K.C.Reddy

Vasantha Kavitha Shrikar granddaughter in-law of First Chief Minister of Karnataka, K.C.Reddy has done MCA, M.Phil (CS), MBA(HR), MBA(SCM) and is currently pursuing her Phd. in Computer Science at Rayalseema University. She contested elections at college level, and served as Sports- General Secretary and the President of the college Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women. She has played Cricket and Kabaddi for the Bangalore University and represented as a captain for the University. She is currently a lecturer in computer sciences at Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College for Women and is also a visiting faculty at well recognized colleges. Apart from her teaching, she is an advisory Board Member for Rural Agricultural Development Society (RADS) - an NGO that focusses on the development of rural areas www.radsindia.in. Her vision for her constituency is to make people accountable and to set up an action plan that ensures that resources are not wasted and that projects are completed within a certain time frame. In her opinion, the i-WIL programme will strengthen the effectiveness of women leaders. She also feels that it will change her outlook to life, build-up self-reliance and help gain the public’s confidence.

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